Hobart Girls Softball has 3 full sized, fenced, and skinned fields. We have a 4 stall ladies restroom with a handicap accessible stall inside as well as indoor men's facilities. We have 2 oversized netted batting cages, 2 dedicated infields and over 125 parking places inside the facility. We are known all over for our amazing concession stand and clean, well run park. When you rent, we set up, tear down and maintain. We want you to love our Hobart Girls Softball Complex as much as we do!

Currently, the facility is rented out on a case by case basis. Below you will find three link buttons. One is our current facility rental agreement, the second is our waiver of liability form for all those using the property and the third is our email to send questions or return completed paperwork. You will find additional contact information on the Contact us page of this website. Please don't hesitate to call or email with questions. We look forward to serving your organization's softball needs.

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Facility Rental


Q: How many fields does the complex have?

A: There are three fully illuminated playing fields. All fields have skinned infields, electronic scoreboards, covered dugouts and a large amount of seating. We also have 2 small fields used for infield practice/warm up as well as 4u and 6u games. We are currently working on collecting donations of cement block to build dugouts for these two smaller fields.

Q: What are the fence distances?

A: Fields 1 and 2 have outfield fence distances of 205 feet all around. Field 3 has an outfield fence distance of 195 feet all around.

Q: What is the policy on grills and coolers?

A: Our facility has a full service concession stand and grill. No outside grills or coolers are allowed in the park. A single team cooler is allowed and must be in the dugout with the team at all times.

Q: Can my two daughters be on the same team?

A: Yes, as long as they qualify for the same division (age group).

Q: Can we get my daughter's friend on the same team for

carpooling purposes?

A: The teams are formed by a draft process to ensure fair and equal placement of players among teams. Because of this process, we cannot guarantee her friend will be on the same team. The only exception is in the 4U and 6U division where we will group the girls with their classmates/friends to make it a more enjoyable experience for them as long as there is room on the team.

Q: Can I attend HGS Board Meetings if I am not on the board?

A: Yes, we encourage everyone to attend. Board meetings are held the third Sunday of every month at 7:00 PM, except for December when there is no board meeting.

Q: I am a team manager/coach. Can I hold my team practices anywhere I want?

A: No. You may only practice at the time and place assigned to your by the HGS Executive Board, per the practice schedule.

Q: Do you have a meeting room?

A: We have a climate controlled meeting/conference room with a seating capacity of about 35 people.

Q: Do you rent your facility to travel teams to practice?

A: We recently began renting field space for reasonable rates to travel teams when our league is not using them. For more information, please contact HGS from the Contact page on the website.

Q: Do you have to live in Hobart to play for Hobart Girls Softball?

A: No, unlike Little League, we encourage young ladies starting at age 3 from anywhere to begin playing here in Hobart.

Q: Is there an age cap to play for your Adult Women's League?

A: No there is not. Currently our oldest player is in her mid 30's and plays like she is 20! All ages and all skill levels are welcome.

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Hobart Girls Softball Executive Board